I haven’t really been tumblr-ing.
Nor have I been Vlogging.
I’ve been a little introverted on the interwebby web I guess…
I’ll try to be a little more open.

My Video from Day 1 at e3! It is sooOoo freaking fun! Day 2 was today and so I am working on that video. I should have it up by tonight! ^_^

My New hello!weekly

Check it out! How to make Roasted Cauliflower! Super easy, fast, and yummy!

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My newest hello!weekly ♥

A Nifty trick for your organizing needs.

My new Video! How to make an Irish Car Bomb!

I know the name is controversial, but the drink is oh so yum yum!

"Thumbs Up" 




My hello!weekly came out yesterday, but I’m posting it on my blog today!